Test Suite Annotations

Adding greater context to test reporting

2 Jan 2024

Almost all test frameworks offer a way to group test cases by test suite or group. Test suite annotations are a new addition to the test results view interface in Tesults. Test suite annotations provide a way to add additional context about a test suite beyond the standard data the test framework transmits to Tesults.

When viewing test results you will now see an '+ Add annotation' button.

Click this to open up text input functionality.

Make changes and save the annotation. Your team will now be able to see additional context about the test suite.

Unlike the test suite name which is usually short and a single line, and in the case of many test frameworks cannot even contain spaces, a test suite annotation can span multiple lines and offers greater formatting flexibility.

Get started with test suite annotations today and make test reporting with Tesults even more effective and insightful than before.

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Ajeet Dhaliwal
Principal Developer Advocate