EXP is a test framework that gets out of the way

Exp test framework

16 Dec 2023

Sometimes as a software engineer we just want to write tests without hassle. EXP is a general purpose JS test framework that is lightweight and super easy to use, from the creators of Tesults, the test reporting app. While it’s probably not appropriate for front-end heavy testing that requires driving a browser or mobile app, it is perfect for back-end or general testing for services.

Create a JS file and name it whatever e.g. test.js and paste this in:

module.exports = { cases: [] }

That’s a valid test file with no tests. In the cases array, just tests, for example:

module.exports = {
  cases: [
      name: "Test 1",
      test: function () {'{'}...{'}'}
      name: "Test 2",
      test: function () {'{'}...{'}'}

The function in the test property carries out the testing. If it returns nothing (undefined) the test is considered a pass otherwise it’s a failure.

Run the tests with a single command.

Learn more at https://www.tesults.com/docs/exp

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