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Test automation reporting and test case management for quality focused tech teams

Consolidated test reporting at its best. Powerful analysis capabilities, web-based dashboard, API and notifications make test automation and manual QA review easy.

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Tesults is a test automation reporting and test case management application. Essential for effective test automation and manual QA.

Used by:

Consolidated test reporting and case management for engineering teams

Bring clarity to the automated tests running across your systems. Store test results and related data including logs, screenshots and files.

Know what's being tested. Improve stakeholder visibility. Easy to maintain, secure and scalable.


Make informed release decisions using smart analysis

Release with assurance and save time with automated regression analysis. Choose to see only what's changed between test runs. Quickly isolate the time an issue was introduced and relax knowing flaky tests are automatically flagged up.

Make deployment decisions and feedback failures from your continuous integration pipeline based on test results data using the Tesults API.

Monitor mission critical systems and integrate with tools you already use

Maintain uptime and monitor critical production services effectively by enabling notifications and alerts. Avoid notification fatigue by linking appropriate teams to failures for specific tests.

  • Push results to Slack, MS Teams, Mattermost
  • Automate incidents on PagerDuty based on results
  • Create Jira issues and automate status changes
  • Utilize Github Actions to check results in your CI pipeline

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Integrations for popular test frameworks

junit  nunit  testng  pytest  robot  mocha  jest  testcafe  cypress  webdriverio  protractor  rspec  jasmine  playwright  postman  codeceptjs  nightwatch  waffle

Libraries for popular languages, integrate with any test framework, including custom ones

java  c#  python  ruby  javascript  nodejs  go  kotlin  php  swift  

"Tesults is our dashboard of choice. We've rolled it out to the team."

Ryan Kenney
Lead Software Engineer

"This is wonderful! The APIs and integrations are very useful for us."

Aaron Roberts
Senior Software Engineer

“Brings the fruits of test automation to life.”

Alexander Lazaris
QA Manager

Customer success feedback

In one incident, prevented over a million dollar loss by averting a serious flaw from entering production.
On one team, saved hundreds of hours of developer time with notifications of regressions for specific builds.
On a single day, minimized earnings disruption of hundreds of thousands of dollars by being alerted to a production incident as a result of a test failure.
Helps us with ISO 27001 compliance.
Raised awareness of testing and quality.
Would never go back to being without it. Was like flying blind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide features for manual QA?
Yes. To complement automated tests, it's common for teams to have some manual test case scenarios especially for front-end applications. Your team can create manual test case scenarios and lists of tests within Tesults, or import and export test cases out via CSV files. You can also create 'test runs' to assign test cases to team members and check off completed test cases to track progress.

Do I need to create test cases in Tesults prior to submitting results?
No. Other than signing up and creating a project, which takes seconds, you do not need to configure or define anything within Tesults to submit automated test results. Simply integrate and start pumping in your data.

There's no integration for the test framework I am using, can you help?
We are always expanding test frameworks we support with new integrations and upgrading existing integrations. Get in contact and we'll prioritize creating an integration for the test framework you are using, often with a fast turnaround time. We also have lower-level (language) libraries available to create integrations yourself and this may be necessary if you are utilizing an internal or custom test framework.

How do I get test results data and saved test lists out of Tesults?
Export test results data and test lists to CSV with a button click. For analyzing results data outside of the Tesults interface, consider using the Tesults API. The API is useful for fetching results data for use in continuous integration or deployment systems for environmental gating decisions.

Does Tesults support SSO for managing team members?
Tesults supports SSO (SAML 2.0), Google OAuth, and includes a built-in team management system. You can choose to utilize any of these. Tesults does not limit SSO to Enterprise plans, all plans, including the Free plan support SSO.

How does pricing work?
Try Tesults for free forever. When you are ready to upgrade Tesults proudly offers a 'Fair Billing Policy'. Tesults charges per active user only. No need for an IT administrator to manage seats, Tesults automatically stops billing for an inactive user. That means peace of mind for budget conscious teams and efficiency for larger teams. See pricing page for more details.

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No time limit on free plan