Test automation reporting for teams

Tesults is a web-based reporting dashboard with powerful analysis capabilities for software engineering teams. Review test results data and the health of mission critical systems.


A powerful and flexible standalone test reporting tool

Create a Tesults project now and push test results data to it from anywhere. There's no need to define anything in Tesults beforehand, just submit results, it does the rest. Easy to get started and maintain, high impact, secure and scalable.

Integrates with any test framework, including custom ones

APIs available for

java  c#  python  ruby  javascript  nodejs  go  kotlin  php
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Node.js / JS
  • Kotlin
  • Go
  • PHP

No code required to integrate with popular test frameworks

junit  nunit  testng  pytest  robot  mocha  jest  testcafe  cypress  webdriverio  protractor  rspec  jasmine  playwright
  • JUnit 5
  • JUnit 4
  • TestNG
  • NUnit 3
  • pytest
  • Robot Framework
  • RSpec
  • Protractor
  • Mocha
  • Jest
  • Jasmine
  • WebdriverIO
  • Playwright
  • TestCafe
  • Cypress

Test case management

Faciliate manual testing to complement automation with test case management and test runs. Assign test cases to team members.

Onboard easily and securely

Tesults supports SAML 2.0 (use with Microsoft, Okta, OneLogin etc.) and Google OAuth and has a built-in team management system.

Integrates with tools you already use to communicate with your team


Push test results notifications to Slack, MS Teams and Mattermost. Notifications link back to Tesults for a detailed automated test report and analysis.

Trigger and resolve incidents on PagerDuty automatically based on your test results.

Go beyond pre-production testing and handle production monitoring with alerting too.

Answer critical questions...

  • Are we ready to ship?
  • How many tests do we have across our product?
  • How often do they run?
  • What do they test?
  • What's passing, what's failing?
  • Who's looking into the failures?
  • Do we have tests for...?
  • What bugs are linked to this failing test?
  • Where are our test cases stored?
  • Where are the test logs and screen captures?
  • What test coverage do we have?
  • Did the last deployment to staging break anything?
  • Any regression due to the latest commit?
  • How robust are our tests? Are any of them flaky?
  • Can you report what tests are failing?
  • What is the reason this test case is failing?
  • What is the state of our automation?
  • Are we improving quality and reducing risk?


Ensure your team understands your test results and takes action.


Consolidate results from across platforms, environments and apps.


Automatically identify and analyze failure patterns with historical data.


Identify regression and recurring failures quickly for faster fixes.


Store test results, build status, history, logs, screen captures and files.


Isolate builds where an issue was introduced for faster bug fixes.


Easily browse test cases to uncover gaps in testing.


Identify problem tests and subtle app issues using the flaky test indicator.

Bug track

Link bugs to specific test cases to keep track of causation.

Used by teams like yours

Tesults is used by teams in organizations ranging from small and medium sized businesses to the Fortune 500. In industries as diverse as capital goods, B2B commerce, consumer technology, green tech, fintech, consulting, software, video game and fitness.

“Brings the fruits of test automation to life”

Alexander Lazaris
Principal Technical Consultant
TL Consulting Group

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