If your team uses both Slack and Tesults consider adding Tesults results notification messages to your Slack channels.

What does adding Tesults to Slack do?

Like Tesults email notifications, Slack notification messages contain summary details of the latest test results and build status. The messages also contain links to detailed results pages, the supplemental view and overall project status.

If your team uses Slack throughout the day you can now be notified of new results within your channel and go directly to detailed Tesults pages by following the button links in the message.

How do I add Tesults to Slack?

Create at least one project on Tesults. Read the documentation for detailed steps outlining how this is done.

Then from inside the configure project menu, choose Slack and click the Add to Slack button to authorize Tesults to post messages to your Slack channels. You are able to configure which of your Slack channels you want to receive results notifications for.

Tesults will post messages only when new results are generated and available.