Project Configuration

Click Configuration from the menu.

Ensure the project you want to edit is selected from the dropdown list.

Project Name

Edit the name of the project.

Project Image

Edit the image for the project.

Team Members

Add and remove team members to the project. Only team members added here have access to test results. Enable or disable email notifications and edit roles.

Team member roles

1. Member

Most team members should be ordinary members. Members can view results for the project, assign failing test cases as tasks and receive notifications.

2. Moderator

Team members assigned as moderators can do everything a member can do. They can also submit manual test results, delete test runs, trigger notifications manually and change the results of test cases. Changing a result is useful in the case of a false negative or positive result.

3. Administrator

Administrators can do everything a moderator can do. They can also edit team members (promote other users up to administrator level), add, edit and delete targets, edit project information.

4. Officer

Officers can do everything an administrator can do. They can also change the project plan, edit and update payment information. They can promote other team members up to Officer level.

5. Owner

The project owner can do everything an officer can do. They can also delete a project and receive billing emails. There can only be one project owner. Project ownership can be transferred to another team member.

Single sign-on

Configure single sign-on to make accessing Tesults more secure and convenient for team members.

Single sign-on documentation

Automatic Notifications

Enable or disable automatic notifications. By default this is set to on so that whenever new test results are generated, email and Slack notifications are sent to team members.


Manage third-party app integrations here including Slack, MS Teams, Mattermost, PagerDuty and Jira.

Learn more about Slack and Tesults


Edit project plan. You may want to do this if the limits of your current plan do not meet your needs.

Payment details

Edit payment details, you can replace the payment card you are currently using.

Delete Project

You can delete your project here. This will also cancel your plan immediately.


From the target configuration menu you can perform one of the following actions:

Targets Name

Edit the name of the target. If you have only just created a new project a target called ‘Default’ will be automatically created for you. The default target can be renamed to something that makes sense for your project. Alternatively you can delete the ‘Default’ target and create a new target but editing the name is faster and does the same thing.

Targets Description

Edit the description of the target.

Regenerate Target Token

The target token is needed in every API request when uploading test results. Usually there should be no need to regenerate the target token, you can use you the one you already have. However if you have lost the target token you can regenerate a new one here. Please be aware that the previous target token will become invalidated if you should do this and you will need to replace the old token with the newly generated one everywhere you were using the old token.

Delete Test Run

Delete a test run. Ordinarily there is no need to do this. This is available for unusual cases were bad data is uploaded and you want to remove it from the history.

Delete Target

Delete the selected target. All the test results for the target will be deleted.

Targets Display Order

Change the order that targets are displayed on the status view and in dropdown lists.

Create New Target

Create a new target. What is a target?