Tesults API Authentication

If you are just getting started with Tesults and have not submitted test results data to Tesults yet and cannot see any results data in the results view, read the integration documentation instead. Once that has been completed, you can use the Tesults API to retrieve results data to make decisions within your continuous integration and deployment pipelines.

The Tesults API is utilized to access results data for your project. Once you have a project created and integrated, you are ready to utilize the Tesults API.

To authenticate and retrieve any data via the API you must first generate an authentication token. This is done using the Tesults interface. To do this go to the configuration menu and click on API token under the Tesults API header. Or follow this direct link. Click 'Create API token'.

A token will be generated, copy this token and keep it secret.

Use this token as the bearer token value in the Authorization header for all of your API requests.

You are now ready to make requests to the Tesults API. Read about how to access targets and results: