Have Tesults send notifications to Mattermost when test results are posted by using incoming webhooks.

1. Generate an incoming webhook url from Mattermost

Generate an incoming webhook url by following the instructions on Mattermost. Copy the generated webhook url.

We recommend you set Enable integrations to override usernames and Enable integrations to override profile picture icons to true from the System Console within Mattermost. This will allow the notifications to display the Tesults icon and name, otherwise you will see the generic webhooks icon.

2. Configure webhooks on Tesults

In Tesults, click Configuration from the menu. Under projects click Webhooks.

Webhooks configuration

Paste the url generated in step 1 under the section for Mattermost and save. You can choose to apply the webhook at project scope or target scope. At project scope notifications will be sent to the webhook for all targets that post results within the project. In target scope, notifications can be specified to be sent to different webhooks, usually preferred by larger teams.

Webhooks set url

3. Complete

At this point, whenever new results are posted Mattermost will receive a notification. The message will contain a summary of results and include links back to Tesults for more detailed analysis.