Upload Your Test Results Files

You can now upload files associated with your test results.

14 Apr 2017

Update 4/24/2017 - This has now been rolled out to all (non browser) API libraries including Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Go.

This is a feature that has been requested repeatedly and it is now here. Upload any files associated with your test results at the same time you upload results data. This can include logs, screen captures, spreadsheets and anything else relevant for your tests.

This is currently only available if using the Java API Library but will be soon rolled out to the C# and Python libraries. Other libraries will follow.

You have to change very little to get your files added, just update the JAR and use the new 'files' field for each test case, see the Java API documentation for full details. Everything else stays the same and is backwards compatible. The code changes should take a few minutes!

Screen captures if in .png or .jpg extension are displayed inline in the test case view and other files are listed as available for download.

We plan to build on how we analyze and display file uploads considerably in the future to process results data in more intelligent ways, so get your file uploads integrated now to benefit from any developments in the future.

Please get in contact with any questions or feedback.

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