Three years

Celebrating three years of Tesults

25 Aug 2019

Three years ago we thought it was a waste that much of the value from the hard work and investment into automated testing was not being fully realized due to a lack of visibility around testing across a team, bad reporting and poor failure tracking. At the time it seemed obvious that providing instrumentation to measure output of this work and a means to take action on failures was necessary and as a result of this hypothesis, Tesults was created.

Three years later it is rewarding to see that Tesults has helped so many teams transform the way test output is considered and utilized, but the job is nowhere near complete, Tesults continues to undergo massive change to improve the quality of our own service and implement new functionality based upon direct feedback from teams such as yours. We will continue to improve the service and always strive to ensure it offers even more outstanding value.

What is now clear is how important Tesults is to the teams that use it, the question of the 'usefulness' which is always something that has to be considered for a new product has been established. In fact, we can go beyond that and say that we are convinced that Tesults should be a part of every team's tech stack. This also means we feel now is the time to grow usage and bring Tesults out of it's infancy. We will we be starting to conduct more outreach than we have in the past.

This a time to celebrate and to extend a special thank you to all Tesults users. Thank you!

- Tesults Team

Tesults is the test automation reporting dashboard

Consolidated test results reporting at its best. Powerful analysis capabilities and notifications make test review and monitoring of mission critical systems easy. 5 minute setup time for popular test frameworks.