The second project management tool

If you can only have one project management tool, have one to manage tasks, if you can have two, add Tesults too

21 Oct 2018

We often get software engineers and quality assurance managers looking into integrating Tesults but some of our most successful champions have been project and program managers. In a sense it is a technical project manager’s second tool.

Project management applications such as Asana and Trello allow project managers to breakdown complex projects into smaller tasks and understand what work is in progress, what has been completed and what has yet to be started.

Project management applications built around managing tasks can be critical aids to help with project success. Technical project managers involved with software development should also consider introducing another type of application for their their team focused around understanding the current technical status of a project.

Tesults is capable of displaying a high level consolidated summary of a project’s build and testing status. If your team has setup continuous integration, automated tests and build monitoring you can use Tesults to get disparate results data from various pipelines, platforms, branches and build flavors into one central place for analysis. Rounds of manual testing can also be input and reported.

With this information available project managers can begin conversations with a deeper understanding of the current situation. The team as a whole benefits from having clarity at all times on where there are issues and what needs resolving. A lot of information that previously had to be communicated, identified and searched for is now just available, accessible and visible for all. The efficiency gains generated for this at the individual and team level can be large.

Introducing an application like Tesults happens without much excitement but after month or two, teams and the project manager often finds they’ve solved a huge problem they did not realize they even had because there is no name for it. This is often how innovation takes place. A new idea or application can seem unnecessary or appear only marginally useful before integration, then afterwards you wonder how you got on without it. We are proud of an almost zero percent churn rate at Tesults, it’s a service the teams using it value.

As a project manager go beyond the traditional task management tools and consider doing something more dramatic and be rewarded

- Tesults Team

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