Test Lists

Manual test results reporting becomes easier and faster with test lists

29 Jun 2018

Tesults recently added manual test results submission. Now to make manual test results reporting submission more productive Tesults introduces test lists.

Test lists are saved lists of test cases that can be used to make submitting manual test results faster. There is no need to create test cases by hand, just import test cases from a saved test list and submit manual results. The test lists themselves can be imported from the latest results of an automated or manual test run or can be created without importing by adding cases to a list manually.

Test lists are saved for as long as you want and also act as a check list or test plan for manual testers. There is no need to record or remember what tests need to be run any longer, just check the test list.

Create and save as many test lists as you want and submit results to any project target.

With automated and manual test results supported, Tesults provides a whole solution for teams. Some manual testing is always necessary including for UX, usability and comfort and in the case of specific software like games, checking if something is fun to play! Combine your automated and manual test results today on Tesults.

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- Tesults Team

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