SW Test Academy - Tesults and TestNG

SW Test Academy article on Tesults

17 Nov 2017

Check out (SW Test Academy) for an article http://www.swtestacademy.com/automation-reporting-tesults-testng about how to report automated test results with Tesults using TestNG Listeners.

There is a step by step example of how to go from nothing to reporting results on Tesults very quickly.

If you are using the popular TestNG testing framework (http://testng.org/doc/) or use the Java programming language for test automation this is an especially useful read because you can get a sense of how straightforward it is to report results with Tesults. The TestNG Listeners provide the methods where adding in the results upload code makes most sense.

Thank you to Onur Baskirt for this article and for reaching out to Tesults for some technical collaboration.

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