Single sign-on

Greater security and convenience for your team members

23 Dec 2019

Single sign-on is now available to make logging in more secure and convenient for your team members. Tesults supports SAML based sign-on and Google OAuth.

SAML can be used if your organization uses an identify provider such as Microsoft's Active Directory, Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, LastPass, Bitium, SecureAuth and other identity providers supporting SAML 2.0. If your organization uses G Suite you can enable sign in using Google OAuth.

See the single sign-on documentation for setup steps. Contact us if you have any questions.

Once single sign-on is setup you can distribute a new login url with the format[your project name] to have team members login. By default team members will be assigned level 2 (moderator) access and this can be modified from the team members page in the configuration menu.

This has been a long requested and awaited feature, particularly for larger teams and we hope this gives a boost to teamwork around handling the fallout from test results data within your team.

- Tesults Team

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