Project Status and Triage

A new view of all your project targets and actionable test failures.

23 May 2017

A couple of weeks ago we introduced a new triage system for failing tests. So far it has generated mostly positive feedback and there will be refinement as further feedback from real usage is gained. The idea behind it is to add actionable delegation and tasking ability. Failing tests always need a member of the team to look into the issue and being able to keep track of this for automated tests seems like a natural extension of reporting.

When you click a test to view details you will see who the test is assigned to and you can also assign or reassign the test. Only failing tests can be assigned and the workflow is designed to be super simple and easy. The only manual action required is to assign a failing test, after that should the same test pass the task will be automatically cleared from the assignee's list. Want to view all of the tasks assigned to you? Click the 'user' icon on the top right menu bar. The user settings have all been consolidated with the project settings, you now click the 'cog' icon in the menu bar to access all settings.

Added more recently is a new project status view that gives you a complete understanding of the current status of your project across all targets at once. We had feedback that it was inconvenient to be unable to do this before without selecting each target from the drop down one at a time and so this new view is designed to take care of these concerns. This view is especially useful for displaying project build and test status on a team monitor.

As always contact with any feedback and questions or if you are logged in use the contact form at the bottom of every page. Happy triaging!

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