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Seeking out project technical health reporting

12 Apr 2018

Tesults has been running the ‘setup assistant’ program for about four months now. Anyone can request setup assistance and a real person from Tesults will take care of writing integration code and getting a team setup.

Setup assistant is most often requested by QA Managers, Project Managers and Software Engineers focused on testing and automation. Project Managers are making a larger proportion of inquiries than we had expected.

This is an exciting development and it makes sense for technical health status reporting to be considered an important part of project management. Project Managers are seeking out tools beyond the standard task management and planning software with an understanding of how critical automated build and testing is to the development life cycle of the products that belong to the project.

If you are a project manager interested in setting up automated test reporting take a look at what Tesults has to offer here:

- The Tesults Team

Tesults is the test automation reporting dashboard

Consolidated test results reporting at its best. Powerful analysis capabilities and notifications make test review and monitoring of mission critical systems easy. 5 minute setup time for popular test frameworks.