Popular Test Frameworks and Tesults

Making integration easier for popular test frameworks

1 Feb 2018

'Setup Assistant' is a complimentary service where members of our team help new users get setup. We provide guidance and advice on project configuration. We also write code to integrate build and test automation systems with Tesults.

Tesults offers API libraries for integration with popular programming languages for automation, build and continuous integration: Java, Python, C#, Node.js/JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and Go.

We have not offered plugins for test frameworks despite some requests for this due to a high level of fragmentation in the industry. There are a huge range of test frameworks available and many teams have custom versions and even roll their own.

Based on our experience with the 'Setup Assistant' service we maintain that there is significant fragmentation. However, we have decided it would help to begin offering documentation for integration with some popular test frameworks for each language.

Below is a list of test frameworks we are currently considering adding documentation for. If you would like to request other frameworks or want to tell us what you use we would as always welcome your feedback.

Note: There is no need to use any specific test framework to use Tesults.


  • JUnit (4 and 5)
  • TestNG


  • pytest
  • unittest


  • Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework (MSTest)
  • NUnit
  • xUnit.NET

Node.js and JavaScript

  • Mocha
  • Jasmine


  • PHPUnit
  • Codeception


  • Rspec
  • Cucumber


  • TBD. Possibilities: Testify, Ginkgo, Gomega, gocheck

- Tesults Team

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