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OnTestAutomation.com article on managing and publishing test results with Tesults

30 Jan 2017

OnTestAutomation.com has recently posted a great write-up on managing and publishing test results with Tesults.

Bas Dijkstra has posted his own project code where he uploads data to Tesults using the Java library. He provides a detailed account of this process and most interestingly he uses the newly introduced parameterized test case feature when uploading his results. If you have not yet uploaded results to Tesults have a look at this post to understand what is involved.

OnTestAutomation.com in general is a great source of information about test automation and it is an honor for Tesults to be included in a post - thank you Bas. Our mission continues to be to help you raise quality and reduce costs by maximizing your return on automation with a solid test reporting service. We are committed to this. If you have any feedback about your own experiences uploading data to Tesults, positive or negative, get in contact with us and tell us about it so that we can ensure that the process to do this continues to be as frictionless as possible.

Tesults is the test automation reporting dashboard

Consolidated test results reporting at its best. Powerful analysis capabilities and notifications make test review and monitoring of mission critical systems easy. 5 minute setup time for popular test frameworks.