Office TV Dashboard

Improvements for viewing results on office TVs and monitors

28 Dec 2017

Two new features are now available that make viewing results on office and shared TVs and monitors better.

The first is auto refresh. When enabled Tesults will refresh results automatically to ensure your team continues to see the latest results data throughout the day. There is no longer a need to rely on browser extensions to achieve this, just navigate to the project or target you want to display results for and enable it from the page.

The second change makes sharing links to specific projects, targets and test runs possible for the first time. Until now the project, target or test run had to be selected manually but now it’s possibly to do this automatically with the appropriate link. Getting these links is simple, just navigate manually and the links will show up under the side menu. Copy and paste to share with other team members or for your shared office monitor.

The account you use for your shared office tv or monitors must be added to the project in the configuration menu or you can use an existing account.

We hope these new features make viewing results better than ever for your team and as always we welcome feedback.

- The Tesults Team

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