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Number of cases no longer a consideration for pricing

29 Sep 2018

We are excited to announce that the number of cases per test run is no longer a consideration for pricing. To make this possible Tesults has undergone a massive back-end restructuring to completely change the way we process and store results data.

With the previous system architecture it simply wasn’t possible to take cases out of consideration but it was never something we were happy with. Software development teams should not need to think about how many test cases they have in a single test run for reporting. In addition, it made keeping the Tesults mission around consolidating results from several source targets difficult to achieve for projects with higher numbers of test cases.

While our team was busy implementing this change we decided to do other awesome things too:

  • Rate Limits: Previously the rate limiting applied at 5 results api calls per 15 minute period. From now on all new plans reduce this period to only 5 minutes.
  • Data: We offer far more data now per target than was previously provided by default. You can still increase this manually but we suggest leaving it at the minimum amount unless Tesults shows you are reaching plan limits on the results page.
  • Case Limits: As mentioned, you no longer have to decide on the maximum number of test cases you will be uploading on each test run. There is a default cap in place of 10,000 but we are happy to increase this if you get in contact with us and ask for an increase.
  • Simpler pricing: default pricing (applied if you do not change data settings) makes pricing so much simpler. From now on all new plans charge $25 per target. That’s it! All you really have to think about now is how many targets your project and team needs. This target price includes 25 team members and 30 days history. Each additional 25 team members is only $5 extra per target. These prices are for a monthly rate if paying annually. Check out the new pricing page for more details.

Existing customers will remain on their existing plans unless they choose to change to new plans based on the new pricing. Changing is easy to do from the configuration menu and you can change plans at any time. We will be sending emails to project owners and officers to make them aware of the pricing change. Take a look at the new pricing page and if you would incur a higher charge we suggest you remain on your current plan. For customers who would make significant savings you can either take advantage of these savings or you can get far greater value from Tesults by getting more targets at the same rate.

We are super excited with this change, it makes us happy that teams no longer have to think about how many test cases they have when using Tesults and we think this makes Tesults far better positioned to offer massive value with respect to results consolidation from several targets.

- Tesults Team

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