Manual Test Results

Tesults now handles manual test results

18 Jun 2018

Automated test results reporting is our forte at Tesults but most teams need some manual testing too. Whether it's usability testing for a web application, balancing and difficulty testing for a video game or comfort testing for accessibility, manual testing is not going to go away. While automated testing is increasingly the necessary core of quality engineering especially for regression it is complemented with manual testing.

With this mind we think teams using Tesults for their automated test results reporting should be able to see manual test results just as easily.

Any team member that has been provided the role of moderator will now see a new button in the side menu.

Manual testers can add results and associated data including files within the web interface and then upload results to any project target.

This feature is in beta and we are just getting started. Coming soon: saved test results lists and templates that will make manual test results reporting faster and easier.

Let us know what you think, your feedback is always welcomed.

- Tesults Team

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