Easier integration with Tesults

Starting with pytest

1 Apr 2019

We are delighted to offer teams hands-on help with integration. In fact we often encourage it because the quality of the integration is what helps get the most value out of the reporting and analysis delivered with Tesults.

We will continue to offer hands-on help to anyone who requests it, that includes writing custom code, and we are proud to offer this assistance free to everyone, including teams trying Tesults with a free project. Increasingly, it has become clear however that there are teams that want to get onboarded faster, and do it all with self-service.

Tesults has always provided libraries for popular languages like Java, Python, C#, Node.js/JS, Ruby, Kotlin and Go, and then subsequently code snippets for popular test frameworks, including pytest, JUnit, NUnit, Mocha and RSpec. We are now going a step further. We want to make integration possible almost instantly. Tesults will begin to provide official plugins and libraries for popular test frameworks.

To start things off, we now offer pytest-tesults, a pytest plugin. Now instead of having to copy and paste code into a conftest.py file or write any custom code, developers can just perform a couple of commands and integration is complete:

pip install tesults
pip install pytest-tesults

See the pytest docs for complete details.

We hope this will help newcomers to Tesults get setup faster than ever, and make maintenance easier too.

One of the reasons we have held off from doing this in the past is to avoid having to be opinionated on any particular way to setup your testing. File upload in particular requires particular conventions to be followed with any plugin we provide. We hope that the trade off of conforming to a particular convention in order to enable fast setup with easier maintenance will be a net benefit to teams. Custom setup is always available if our design decisions are unpalatable, and we’d be happy to help you with that of course.

- Tesults Team

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