Custom Fields

Report any number of custom fields for each test case

28 May 2018

Up until now it has only been possible to report Tesults specific fields such as the name of the test case, description, result, failure reason, files, parameters and test suites.

Starting now you can report any number of custom fields that are specific to your project or application for every test case. To report custom fields add a field name starting with an underscore ( _ ) followed by the field name and value.

Here is an example in Python, take a look at 'Test 2':

data = {
  'target': 'token',
  'results': {
      'cases': [
        'name': 'Test 1',
        'desc':'Test 1 description.',
        'suite': 'Suite A',
        'result': 'pass'
        'name': 'Test 2',
        'desc':'Test 2 description.',
        'suite': 'Suite A',
        'result': 'fail',
        'reason': 'Assert fail in line 203,',
        'files': ['full/path/to/file/log.txt', 'full/path/to/file/screencapture.png'],
        '_CustomField': 'Custom field value'
        'name': 'Test 3',
        'desc':'Test 3 description.',
        'suite': 'Suite B',
        'result': 'pass',
        'params': {
          'param1' : 'value1',
          'param2' : 'value2'

Add as many custom fields as desired and when you click on any test case the fields will be displayed within the case detail.

- Tesults Team

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