Change of Plans

Announcing new plans for Tesults

11 Jul 2017

In the nine months since the launch of Tesults there have been a couple of changes made to the subscription plan lineup but the change today is the most significant because of the new direction this takes Tesults.

For the first time ever the new line up introduces a free forever plan called DevOps. Making Tesults a free service is a step towards making it more accessible for smaller teams, open source and voluntary projects, as well as for teams within large companies that want to use Tesults but find it difficult to do so due to internal procedures related to purchasing. Although a plan did exist that allowed for evaluation of the service the feedback we received was that it was too limited to be used in production - and it was, by design. The new free DevOps plan is designed to be used in production and for most teams this will be the only plan they need for the entire lifetime of their projects.

Two new paid plans have also been introduced called Pro and Pro S offering greater value at the same price point as their predecessors. Both the Pro and Pro S plans bump up the number of team members you can have and Pro S provides a 90 day history instead of 30 and increases the data storage for your test files and artifacts.

Tesults is the best way to report continuously delivered automated test results data and we are pleased to offer greater value than ever before.

- Tesults Team

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