Better Customization

Better flexibility, better pricing, better options.

13 Dec 2017

Before today when you created a new project on Tesults you had a choice between three preset plans (one free, two paid) and the option to contact us for a custom plan. Starting today things have gotten a lot better.

Preset plans are still available (free and paid) but now you have the ability to completely customize the options you need and get instant price quotes. We hope this will make things easier for teams that found they had requirements in between what the preset plans offered. Also now most teams will not have to contact us over email or phone and endure a slow process (1 day usually) to confirm the custom plan and have us activate the plan. Now this can all happen instantly. Furthermore there is no need to overthink anything anymore because you can change your plan at any time, however many times you like, straight from the config menu as your needs change.

We also hope that this will help teams save on cost through efficiency. Now that you can completely customize for your project and team requirements you should not have to pay for any underutilized provisioned throughput. Most teams should no longer have to contact us for a quote. In a few cases there will still be a need to contact us, such as for ranges that extend beyond the limits of the custom creator tool or enterprise teams seeking multi-project grouped quotes.

If you are on one of the old preset plans you too can change your plan if you wish at any time from the config menu. Our advice is simple, don’t over think it. Choose what you need for your current requirements, then modify and adjust as your needs change.

As always we are interested in your feedback and questions.

- The Tesults Team

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