Automation in 2017

With greater automation comes greater test automation.

1 Jan 2017

At the start of 2017 we are at a time in the software development world where the benefit and necessity of test automation is well understood. Whatever common software development practice and methodology your team utilizes to automate testing, consider taking reporting results just as seriously this year.

Excellent test reporting is one of those things that is indispensable in hindsight but you may not realize how important it is before you have it. Unexpected benefits of great reporting can include driving an increase in test coverage, better quality and robust product, faster identification of newly introduced bugs, lowering the time and cost of fixing bugs, and keeping regression at bay.

At Tesults we strive to make test automation reporting easier and better. Tesults launched in 2016 and we are now successfully helping teams of all sizes with their test automation reporting. Tesults is here for the long haul so this year reap the benefits for your team, start with the free trial, integration with any system can take from a few minutes to an hour. Get in contact us with us to discuss custom needs at We are happy to work with you to ensure the service is right for the needs of your team.

Here’s to raising quality and reducing costs in 2017 by unlocking the full potential of your test automation.

- Tesults Team

Tesults is the test automation reporting dashboard

Consolidated test results reporting at its best. Powerful analysis capabilities and notifications make test review and monitoring of mission critical systems easy. 5 minute setup time for popular test frameworks.